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The simmering decent was yet to calm

Sushil Vakil

Down over the Jammu and Kashmir Government's release of many militants and separatist leaders that the suicide bombers (Fidayeen's) attacked two temples in Jammu city killing more than fifteen innocent people. The attacks ignited the combustible minds of the people who were already bemoaning this sinister action of the Mufti Government. The attack on the Raghunath Temple also actuated a verbal war between the central government and the opposition parties, particularly Congress which is part of the newly formed state Govt.


While the Mufti and the Congress maintained that the release of militants was made with the diligence of Centre and various intelligence agencies the Union Home Minister Lal Krishan Advani categorically denied their claims and said that state Government ignored the Centre's advice to screen all the cases before ordering their release. The war of words spinned out of control when the allegations and counter allegations were debated in the Parliament. The NDA Government and the Congress traded charges for two days. Home Minister Mr. L. K. Advani's assertion that the Mufti Sayeed Government had not consulted the Centre was rebutted by the Congress dubbing it as untruth and misleading the country with an eye on the Gujarat elections.


The clouds hanging over the release of militants and subsequent attack on Raghunath temple moved away after Mufti Sayeed Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir state made a conciliatory statement while winding up the debate on the Governor' address in the Assembly. Mr. Mufti went ahead while observing that " the Prime Minister and Dy. Prime Minister realises the ground situation and we know how to deal with the situation. Mr. Mufti further insisted that he would sincerely work for a consensus at the state and the central levels to solve the Kashmir problem.


Apparently, his assurances gave a feeling that Mufti has measured the Centre's yardstick realising that confrontation would only worse the matter and thereby struck a conciliatory approach. People by and large in and outside the state has welcomed Mufti's decision to set up a House Committee to negotiate with the Centre and address the problems that confronts the state. Mufti's wise decision to step back from the confrontation over the release of militants and opting for mollifying approach wouldn't only help in winning friends at the Centre but would also strengthen Centre-State relationship and pave way for the over all development of the state.


The chapter of Centre-State discord over the release of militants and its ramifications was nearing an end but was reopened with the unsavory remarks of his daughter and Vice-President of PDP while giving an interview to BBC. In this interview to Tim Sebestian host of the Hard Talk Mehbooba said " We want to tell India and Pakistan, if they cannot help, do not interfere unnecessarily to give Kashmiri people a chance to live with peace and dignity." She admitted that Pakistan has a definite role to play in Kashmir and even "if we reach some kind of agreement with our own people you need Pakistan's support at some point."


On outside interference particularly from West to solve the Kashmir problem the Vice-President maintained that "they could help us because help is not coming from anywhere" thus ridiculing the stand of the country which has out rightly rejected the mediation offered by many friendly countries including the international organisations.


Fresh in politics, born to a politician but lacking political foresight Mehbooba Mufti, perhaps, was unaware of the fact that her immature and irresponsible statement would create ripples in the political circles and invite wide scale criticism from the people of the country. The Bhartiya Janata Party described her statement as against the spirit of Indian nationhood and condemned her for choosing to equate India with Pakistan.


Same wise, her statements were deplored by people within and outside the state castigating her for narrow minded outlook, scanty respect for the country and poor political knowledge. Curiously, the latest entrant to the Indian politics Mehabooba overshadowed the fact that her father, the present CM was associated with Congress for a long time and served as Union Minister under Shrimati Indira Gandhi, Mr Rajiv Gandhi and Mr V. P. Singh the then Prime Ministers. Mehbooba intentionally or unintentionally forgot that at the time of kidnapping of her sister Rubaya Sayeed by the JKLF it was her father Mufti Mohammad Syeed as the Home Minister of India who ordered the release of five hard core militants in exchange of her release. And the fact is from that day militancy thrived and touched new heights in the valley.


Kashmir is an integral part of India is known to all Indians including Mehbooba as her father comes from same school of thought which other Congressmen come from as such Mehbooba needs to be reminded that India's position cannot be equated with Pakistan. It would be good for her to take cue from her father and restrain herself from making inflammatory statements that would put her party's nationalist credentials in doubt and her political future on the cross roads.

  • Author is Editor-in-Chief of Weekly Kashur Gazette, New Delhi 

  • By an exclusive arrangement with Weekly Kashur Gazette, New Delhi 

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