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 S P E C I A L  R E P O R T


Human Rights violation in P O K

Special Report

The displaced people of Kashmir are suffering from the brutal suppression of  Pakistani security forces: Terrorism of fundamentalist militant outfits, constant torture of local police and unspeakable horrors in the hands of ISI. International rights groups must intervene and extend their assistance to these unfortunate people. This was stated in a report on the violations of rights in Kashmir, here in Toronto. The report was issued by Carmen Miranda, Coordinator, Council of Advocates international. 


Explaining the background of the report the Council of Advocates international said that in March, it received complaints of massive human rights violations from the refugees and displaced People of Kashmir living in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. The refugees stated their Plight and said that they were displaced because of cross border shelling between Indian and Pakistanís military, terrorism and violence. Most of them were misguided and in some cases forced by the fundamentalist outfits to leave their homes and cross the border. Once they crossed the border to Azad Kashmir, they became Hostage in the hands of ISI and fundamentalist Militant outfits. 


They were forced to live in those camps with their women and children in horrific and unspeakable situation. These camps were built as showcases for international delegations and fact-finding missions to highlight the Indian atrocities. The fundamentalist militants used these camps for recruitment, shelters for foreign mercenaries, safe-houses and arm Storages. Refugees From the camps are forced to transport arms across the border and most of the times are killed by Security forces. They are unlawfully arrested, tortured and suffer from the gross violations of human rights. 


In response, The Council of Advocates International formed a committee, which investigated and prepared this report. Council secretary general Hamid Bashani expressed his deep concern over the situation and saidĒ the government of India and Pakistan is constitutionally obligated to ensure the safety and security of the people and protect their rights. Their failure to resolve the issue has catastrophic impact and with the passage of time may worsen the situation. Following is the summary of the report: 


On February 7,2002, Mushtaq Ali and Naseer Khawaja were contacted by a group of Muzaffrabad based militant leaders. During the lengthy meeting they were asked to transport arms across the border. The duo refused to comply and were threatened with dire consequences. The next day they were arrested by ISI and were transported blindfolded in a house where they were held incommunicado for ten days. They were brutally tortured and humiliated. Every single day, They were severely beaten and kicked with boots.


After their release the local police started visiting them frequently and threatened to charge them with theft, arms trading and other criminal acts. During each visit, The police would beat them and ask them for money. They left Muzaffrabad and are now hiding in Pakistan. Two elderly refugee men and a woman testify that two of their young relatives, Javeed Abu, 23 and Sameer shaik 19, were contacted by the militants and ISI personnel and them same method was applied to recruit them to transport Arm across the border. After two weeks they received news that they were killed by security forces in an encounter while crossing the border. 


Two Kashmiri refugee women testified that over the period of the last four months the local police and other intelligence agencies personnelís have visited them on regular basis or asked them to go to the safe houses for investigation. Under the pretext of this investigation they were taken to different Places and were sexually assaulted and repeatedly raped. No case was ever registered against them, but they were threatened to charge with criminal offenses. They also testified that they knew some other women who went through more brutal situations but never spoke because of the stigma attached to rape and Sexual assault cases. 


Mansoor Butt, a 31-year-old displaced Kashmir reported that he was arrested by The Army (ISI) and accused of spying for Indians Intelligence agencies. He was beaten with rifle Butts, Punched and kicked in the face. His only crime was that he refused to accompany a group of militants as a Guide to cross the border. He was kept in a Safe-House for one week during which time he was beaten every day. He was released after the promise of full cooperation. Muhammad Deen, a fifty one year old refugee, tried to cross the border to go to his home with his wife and 16 year old son. He was shot dead by Pakistani army personnel without any warning or chance to return.

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