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Hurriyat's no to dialogue sans logic

Bashir Manzar

If the just concluded Kashmir visit of Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had any silver lining for the hapless Kashmiris, it was his invitation to All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) for dialogue. Economic packages may have some sort of relevance but basically it is the political nature of the issue that needs to be addressed and offer of dialogue is being viewed as the first step in the right direction. But the reaction of the Chairman of Hurriyat, Prof Abdul Gani Bhat, has surprised many a political observers who view Bhat's rejection of offer as negation of his own oft-repeated stand over the issue of talks. 


Memories in politics are short lived. It may have evaporated from the mind of Bhat that he wrote letters to the President of Pakistan and Premier of India seeking dialogue over Kashmir tangle. While Parvez Musharraf during his Agra Summit met APHC leaders at New Delhi, much to the dismay of his hosts, Vajpayee took a long time to react to the letter. He found his Srinagar visit as the proper time to invite APHC leadership for the talks. 


But the summary rejection of the offer has put a question mark over the political wisdom of the leadership. APHC leadership has become habitual of giving knee-jerk reactions. Be it Hizbul Mujahideen cease-fire in 2000, Dubai meet of Kashmiri leaders or Vajpayee's latest offer, the leadership has always reacted without considering the pros and cons of the situation. It is true that government of India's rigid and unrealistic approach is multiplying the troubles of Kashmiri people but it in no way can be used as an excuse to deliberately close down all the openings. 


If the Prime Minister of a country, that has all along been shying away fro m a dialogue, invites Kashmiri leadership for talks, the leadership should have grabbed the opportunity to bring its people out of the present mess. People of Jammu and Kashmir are at the receiving end. They are offering sacrifices for the resolution of the issue. The party that faces the brunt of the situation cannot say no to the dialogue. 


When K C Pant came to Kashmir for talks on behalf of Government of India, Hurriyat said they were ready for the talks but the Government of India should upgrade the level of talks. Now that the Government of India has upgraded the process to the level of Prime Minister, APHC's rejection negates its own stand. Battles are not won by sloganeering but strategies. Agonized and traumatized Kashmiris are waiting for a messiah with a heart to feel their pain. 


Whether  leadership likes it or nor, fact of the matter is that the people of Kashmir strongly favour a dialogue to resolve the issue. They have seen much of violence and bloodshed. They have seen great leaders like Abdul Gani Lone falling to the blind violence. They don't want more graves but peace with dignity and honour and for that leadership has to rise to the occasion and look for new openings, Vajpayee's offer of dialogue being the one. If APHC and other separatist leaders, do not understand the call of the time, the same time will make them irrelevant and they will go down in the history of Kashmir as the bunch of people who were paid for making hue and cry to sustain violence. Anyone in the politics of Kashmir who has eye on the history will not give reaction the way Hurriyat Chairman has given to the offer of talks, dished out by PM of India.

The author is the Chief Editor of Kashmir Images published from Srinagar, Kashmir.

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