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Lyngdoh's dough not digestible

Sushil Vakil

THE revelation by the Chief Election Commissioner J M Lyngdoh that some of the police officials, at the behest of National Conference Govt headed by Farooq Abdullah, tried to sabotage the free and fair polls in the Valley has created bewilderment in the political circles. This disclosure he made while participating in a TV programme entitled "Court Martial" anchored by Karan Thapar, nearly a month after the election results were declared.


The sensational exposure articulated the impression - not directly but indirectly - that the people in the Khaki bearing allegiance to the then buoyant CM would have helped him in rigging the elections, the way militants, inquisitive people and opposition parties believed them to be. The viewers glued to the small screen were keen to watch which googly the vibrant bowler Karan Thapar would deliver to clean bowl the publicity conscious batsman J M Lyngdoh.


May be, Lyngdoh was attempting to break the record of T N Seshan, who had pitched himself to be in the limelight and under full media glare for his hard hitting statements against the Govt. policy and criminalisation of politics. After all, why should not Lyngdoh? If Gavaskar and Sachin have a right to break Bradman's record , he too has a right to do so. Bad luck! Lyngdoh hit a nasty ball, which he expected to go straight into viewers' pavilion but it landed into wicket keepers' hands (Dr. Farooq Abdullah).


Lyngdoh's further revelation on the police officers' plan to release the surrendered militants and infiltrate them among the masses thereby influencing the result to divert the attention of security forces towards checking operations has dumb-struck the viewers as well as the entire nation. In no time the newspapers and other channels blew it out of proportion. Nevertheless, Lyngdoh tried to be on the crease adding that he was not sure if this all had the blessings of Farooq Abdullah for sabotaging the polls. Furthermore, the outwitted CEC priding on holding elections smoothly patted his officials for identifying militants, checking their details and confining them within the iron grills. Had not EC's lads taken upon the challenge to conduct the free and fair elections there wouldn't have been fair results, he eulogised.


Unpredicted revelation, true or exaggerated, made after polls in the presence of foreign representatives and duly acknowledged by international community, has opened the Pandora's box once again giving the anti-India elements and stubborn and envious neighbour, Pakistan one more chance to allege that elections were thrust on Kashmiri people by the Centre in collusion with the then state political parties particularly the ruling National Conference. The rigging resulted in the contestants' frustrations to wage a war against the country and dynastic rule of Abdullah family.


Undeniably, the Chief Election Commissioner's, a supreme authority on constitutional matters and as such his impertinent revelations against Farooq Abdullah who stood against all odds , putting his life to risk, escaping many attacks, not only imperilled his image but corroborated the allegations made by the Hurriyat and the militant leaders including Syed Salahuddin, Chairman Hizbul Mujahideen camping in Pakistan. The wild allegations of an attempt to rig the polls by Lyngdoh ridiculed the country's position on this matter. Had Mr. Lyngdoh revealed these allegations at the time of making arrangements for a smooth conduct of polling the appraisals could have been different and may be in the interest of the state and the nation. These could not have been taken in the wrong context by the warring anti-India elements and hostile countries. At that stage, the masses would have taken it as a fruitful exercise for paving the way for rig free elections and would not construe it an attempt to malign Farooq Abdullah, NC and the NDA Govt.


Mr. Lyngdoh perhaps was not in know how that his exposť would do more damage to the country in the international fora than boost his personal image in the eyes of his countrymen. Surprisingly, this was not the first publicity stunt from Lyngdoh. He sprung a surprise on the nation when he visited riot-hit recovering Gujarat and announced the deferment of elections on the plea that victims of riots mostly belonging to minority can't exercise franchise due to a threat to their lives and since they lived in camps far away from homes and other areas. Ironically, Mr. Lyngdoh never cared about the Kashmiri Pundits who too were living outside Kashmir and unable to exercise franchise.


These political maneuvers of EC suggest and add suspicion to people's apprehensions that like Seshan he is obsequious to be full in limelight and wants to be among the makers of history of sorts. Mr. Lyngdoh's action on Gujarat has gained the support of some political parties in opposition who justified it as timely and wise decision but received brickbats from the NDA Govt. who went to the extent of challenging it in the court.


The latest revelation has invited due criticism from Dr. Farooq Abdullah, the then Chief Minister, and now a member of Rajya Sabha. Dr. Abdullah has even threatened to knock the doors of judiciary if the CEC fails to provide the relevant details and substantiate his allegations. Dr. Farooq's forewarning of dragging EC to court of law, has resulted in a cute institution that makes arrangements for electing the law framers of the country. Such sensational revelations from a top constitutional authority which are related to elections don't augur well and are against the interests of the country and definitely going to diminish the image and authority of this august instititution.


EC's all powerful authority and out of limit intemperance have been further challenged and ridiculed by Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP), an offshoot of RSS, when it launched a blistering attack on CEC Lyngdoh for banning the proposed Yatra. VHP blames Lyngdoh for his leanings towards Congress and also for following a political agenda. VHP's International General Secretary Praveen Tagodia reprimanded Lyngdoh with the words that banning a religious Yatra were not within his purview.


Mr. Togadia further cautioned Lyngdoh that the Hindu organisations wouldn't tolerate his misbehaviour. Further, the EC's direction to the Gujarat Government to ban the proposed Yatra has invited criticism from the media and the members of majority community in the country avering that Vijay Yatra is a religious and not political one. Indeed, if the bashing against this august constitutional authority continues unabated the time is not yet far off that the person in question would become an epicenter of controversies and fodder for the haunting political leaders and organisations.

  • Author is Editor-in-Chief of Weekly Kashur Gazette, New Delhi 

  • By an exclusive arrangement with Weekly Kashur Gazette, New Delhi 

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