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November 02'




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Pakistan: 'Military-Mosque' nexus rejuvenated   

Romeet K WATT

SINCE independence in 1947, Pakistan has oscillated between civilian and military rule in an endless series of coup d'états, eliminations and regime firings. Frail political institutions and, its failing economy has added to its multi-faceted crisis to make matters worse. The tribulations are vastly internal, and the grave job of initiating remedial measures will also require being internal .......More >>>>

Do we need Hindu suicide-squads?

Romeet K WATT

SHIV SENA supremo, Bal Thackarey created hullabaloo of sorts - not that the phenomenon is new - by beckoning Hindus to forms suicide squads to battle the increasing menace of terrorism in the country. Now the million-dollar question is: what impelled him to issue such dictates, given that his own party is an important ingredient of the BJP-led government in New Delhi.  .......More >>>>

G U E S T   C O L U M N

E X P R E S S   I M P A C T

J&K: The politics of illusion

Praveen Swami

"When you see Tom Sawyer immediately after Mozart or you enter the case of The Planet of the Apes after having witnessed the Sermon on the Mount with Jesus and the Apostles", wrote Umberto Eco after a visit to a waxworks museum in the United States of America, "the logical distinction between the Real World and Possible Worlds is definitel ......More >>>>

Will this houseboat float or sink?

Romeet K WATT

The palaver that unfolded in the post-election milieu in Kashmir has come to a close. The unfolding drama proved to be a pure adrenaline-and-testosterone level of high political-adventure. The music has stopped, and a play called musical chairs’ has come to an end with the Congress Chief, Sonia Gandhi, lackadaisically, much against the wishes of .......More >>>>

I N S I D E   T R A C K

G R O U N D   Z E R O

Kashmir: The times ahead.......

Romeet K WATT

With the advent of  “PDP-Congress” combine at the helm of affairs in the State of J&K, federal democracy in India would be put to an ultimate test in a keen contest between the newly elected government in Srinagar and the BJP-led coalition at the Centre. The points of discord will be more than one, given the position of the combine, which many believe is diametrically......More >>>>

World-jungle: Bush-fire spreads to Iraq

Romeet K WATT

It has been ten years since operation Desert Storm, leaving a “messed-up outcome” much to the dislike of the Americans. Renewed efforts are being seen on part of the Americans to put their state’s manifestations’ into a critical over-drive against Iraq, a country that accounts for the world’s second largest oil provisions; 20 percent of the world’s oil. Iraq over the years ......More >>>>

 D I W A L I   S P E C I A L


Pundits in extended, uncertain exile

Romeet K WATT

Journeys can be extended and unsettling. More so, when one is forced to live in émigré, away from one’s roots. It is excruciating an experience, second to none, with the feeling of helplessness creeping, day in and day out. You draw on whatsoever resources there are at your disposal to impress upon the policy and decision makers of the country to initiate steps in in advancing a.......More >>>>

US, India & Pakistan: The tantalizing triangle

Romeet K WATT

ONE of the greatest intrinsic merits that India exhibited during the cold-war era was its ability to remain non-aligned, something, which eventually became the core of our foreign policy until recently. Things have undergone a sea change, not essentially for the good, with BJP-led government in New Delhi not only undoing the policy but also undermining it to the extent that .....More >>>>

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