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December 02'




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Bangladesh: Pakistan's alter ego  

Romeet K WATT

Ever since Bangladesh came into being in 1971, many of its 130 million populace have had ‘identity crisis’ of sorts on whether they are Bengalis first or whether their Muslim religion should take primacy in their lives. For centuries, Bengalis have been unified by a culture of tolerance that confronts the common South Asian division .......More >>>>

Lyngdoh's dough not digestible

Sushil Vakil

THE revelation by the Chief Election Commissioner J M Lyngdoh that some of the police officials, at the behest of National Conference Govt headed by Farooq Abdullah, tried to sabotage the free and fair polls in the Valley has created bewilderment in the political circles. This disclosure he made while participating in a  .......More >>>>

G U E S T   C O L U M N


India must move beyond P-word

Sunita Vakil

It is high time Indian leadership instead of indulging in the same old rhetoric, gets its act together and strikes at the root of terrorism. The million dollar question that everybody seems to be asking is whether the endless sabre rattling and issuing the usual demarche by the Centre after every unfortunate incident is going to ......More >>>>

Contemplations on terrorism

Romeet K WATT

Once terrorism grows to be more than an annoyance, once the normal functioning of society is affected, there will be an unbearable pressure on the government to trounce the peril by all available means. Hence the ironical deduction that the more successful the terrorists, the closer their eventual defeat. A philosophical debate .......More >>>>

I N S I D E   T R A C K


Jammu: Denial, delay, and dereliction

Romeet K WATT

Jammu, the winter-capital of the State of Jammu & Kashmir has always had lame-duck status in the given political dispensation, and time and again, one way or the other, the region has been made to play second fiddle to the State administrations’, headed by individuals belonging to the Valley. Of late, a thousands dreams came......More >>>>

Kashmir: Is Mufti on the right track?

Romeet K WATT

The Pdp-led coalition government in J&K, has to wake-up to pragmatism sooner or later, and the false sense of security, which they have led themselves into accepting as true, has been shattered in less than 48 hours, one after another, in rapid succession – first the attack on the CRPF barracks in the heart of Srinagar, second, ......More >>>>

 P O T T E R I S M


Pakistan’s new PM: Old wine, new bottle

Romeet K WATT

General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, is a pleased fellow these days, after all, his poster-boy, the 58-year-old Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali, is the chosen one, to play second fiddle to him in his capacity as the new Prime Minister. Musharraf, hereafter referred to as You Know Who, to borrow Harry Patterism, has.......More >>>>

Pakistan: Looking into the crystal ball

Romeet K WATT

George W Bush, in recent times, has earned the dubious distinction of radicalising Muslims into anti-American postures, to set in motion, the arrangement for pro-Islamic forces to assume dominant role in government formation, in two Muslim countries – Turkey and Pakistan. The all-encompassing victory of an Islamist party in .....More >>>>

T O T A L   R E C A L L

V I E W   P O I N T

United Nation's resolution and Kashmir

Romeet K WATT

NEW DELHI desires to deal with the Kashmiris in a domestic framework, and to hold any talks with Pakistan independently from and consequent to dialogue with the Kashmiris. India’s unwillingness to alter policy is armoured by its belief that Pakistan would play a spoiler’s sport if India commenced an extraordinary programme......More >>>>

The simmering decent was yet to calm

Sushil Vakil

DOWN over the Jammu and Kashmir Government's release of many militants and separatist leaders that the suicide bombers (Fidayeen's) attacked two temples in Jammu city killing more than fifteen innocent people. The attacks ignited the combustible minds of the people who were already bemoaning this sinister action of ......More >>>>

S I D E   L I G H T S

L A S T  W O R D

Fundamentalistic rage in secular Kashmir

Romeet K WATT

Much water has flown under the bridge, and it is a heart-rending incongruity that the Kashmir Valley, long celebrated as Rishivaer or Garden of Rishis has been in the eye of storm with terrorist violence becoming the order of the day. Although the Valley has had tumultuous history of inside discord and foreign incursions, she has......More >>>>

Mufti: Between the devil & the deep sea

Romeet K WATT

The other segments of public opinion in Kashmir, have adopted an antagonistic approach to the PDP-led coalition government headed by Mufti Sayeed, which severely hampers the efforts of the ruling coalesce to arrive at a ‘broad-based consensus.’  If the statements of JKLF chief Yasin Malik, and former Chairman of All ......More >>>>

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