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Vol I Issue IX

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January 2003




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Hey Ram: Big ego, Small man

The Kashmir TELEGRAPH says ........

Ram Jethmalani, former Union Law Minister, has stooped to new low-levels -- not that the occurrence is surprising -- to make his presence felt. Time and again, shamelessly, he is defending General Pervez Musharraf in his articles published by a particular newspaper. Accordingly, we no longer need to look at newspapers like Dawn to read about the intrinsic merits of Musharraf and his junta regime. The fact that Musharraf is continuing with his nuclear blackmail doctrine against India does not matter to people like Ram Jethmalani they will continue to shower praises on him, and make a hero out of him, one way or the other. To further his own personal agenda, Jethmalani, has now taken the task of defending one of the prime accused in the attack on the Indian Parliament, S. A. R Geelani. Incidentally Jethmalani  was elected to the upper house of the Indian parliament by Shiv Sena, and the party is now asking him to resign first and then shed tears for the traitors and enemies.  So much for these back-coat walas who in the name of justice engage in acts, which would put even the turncoats to shame. He has joined the elite league of the likes of P Chidambaram, who for huge sums of money actually defended the defunct Dhabol Power Corporation, a subsidiary of Enron -- a company, which has set examples in corrupt and malpractices, and are the epitome with which comparisons shall be made for a long time to come. And Chidambaram really thinks that we should believe in his half-intelligent talk, all in the name of moral principles, that arrives at our doorsteps on Sunday mornings, thanks to an Indian newspaper. Ram Jethmalani is known for his maverick behaviour and has in the past defended smuggler Haji Mastan, and Kehar Singh, in the Gandhi assassination case. India as a matter of fact is not only fighting Pakistan in what is a legitimate fight against cross-border terrorism but also the likes of Ram Jethmalanis, who also pose an equally dangerous threat, and need to be taken to task for their new found love of  assuming the mantle as the defence council for General Musharraf, and more recently the prime accused in the attack on our parliament. As far as latter decision is concerned, Jethmalani has decided to put his black coat on again with the singular rationale of breaking ice with the separatists, APHC in particular, and pro-cessation bandwagon in Kashmir, in general. This, he feels will earn him the much needed brownie points to further the mission of his Kashmir Committee, which seems to have encountered road-blocks, and is on the verge of being wound-up. Jethmalani is believed to be presently on a trip to Europe, and we sincerely hope that the tour is private, and he would not engage in loose talk, something he did, when he was in Washington sometime back. So much so, that he went on and on about how Musharraf was important for the peace and prosperity of the Indian sub-continent. And we all talk about external threat to India! The threat is very much internal, and it is imperative that such internal threats are taken seriously, and the individuals who champion the cause of a client state of US, Pakistan, on one hand, and the lecturer-turned-terrorists, who have been instrumental in waging war against India by their despicable terrorist acts, on the other hand, are shown their real worth, the sooner the better. And let us put a stop to the tamasha called Kashmir Committee. Is somebody at South Block and North Block listening?


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