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Pakistan: In a Corner

The Kashmir Telegraph says.........

Since the inception of over decade-long militancy in Kashmir, aided and abetted by Pakistan, it has been for the first time that there has been an unequivocal and overwhelming support for India  in the International community against the growing menace of Islamic fundamentalism in particular and cross-border terrorism in general. 


The International community lead by the Western democracies have openly endorsed Indian's view point much to the dismay of its so-called ally in the war against global terrorism. Statements emanating from all quarters indicate that the International community has come to realize that Pakistan in itself is the hub and the nerve center for Islamic terrorism and that General Musharraf has betrayed the cause of fighting Global terrorism by not translating his words into action; choosing to remain a mute spectator to the activities of these Islamic groups who have been targeting Indian establishments across the Line of Control.


In an highly charged atmosphere, Pakistan feels itself cornered by the conventional military might of India and as such has openly resorted to nuclear threats against India despite India's commitment of "no-first-use". Pakistan's latest threat is the part of its game plan to placate its own domestic constituency but in doing so is it has irked the Western democracies to the extend that it has pushed itself into a larger quagmire; with General Musharraf increasingly finding his support base dwindling, both at home and away; a sign which many analysts believe weakens General's position considerably to the extent that his regime may be toppled by one of his one trusted lieutenants with the support of CIA. 


Such hostile postures have certainly not gone well with the Western democracies and given that there has been no de-escalation in the present scenario, US & UK has advised its citizens to pull out of India and Pakistan as soon as possible.


Sundeep Waslekar, an expert in Conflict Resolution in his recently published report on the state of Pakistan argues that the Jehadi elements are fast emerging as the voice of conscience in Pakistan and according to him, it might prey not only the frustrations of the people but also sympathetic corps commandes with the Pakistan army.


Though there are still hectic behind the scene parleys going on in the politico-diplomatic circles to de-escalate the present stand-off, highly placed sources indicate that there is a growing rift between Secretary of State Colin Powel and President Musharraf in the aftermath of his recent speech. The move by Pakistan to withdraw its forces from the Afghan border leaves American forces in a vulnerable position for its operations against the Taliban, something which is bitterly resented by the US.


It is imperative that there is no let off of pressure on Pakistan till it does not take concrete measures to ensure that the roots of Islamic fundamentalism are eradicated and that it  stops its proxy war against India at the earliest. Should Pakistan not yield to the genuine aspirations of India in particular and international community in general, full economic sanction on the lines of Iraq be imposed. Also in the event of defiance of its commitment to fight global terrorism, India should be fully backed to take what ever option it deemes fit necessary to safeguard its national interests.


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