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Kashmir: Pakistan's grand delusion

The Kashmir TELEGRAPH says........

Two credible opinion polls conducted recently on Kashmir not only collaborate but the indictment for Pakistan is damning. MORI, top British pollster and the Asian age – A C Nielsen opinion polls have confirm the obvious – 60% want to vote in the ongoing electioneering process; an overwhelming 90% state that violence is no solution; 72% say that Pakistan is behind terrorism in Kashmir; and last but not the least, 49% say that Kashmir is India’s. These opinion polls have amply testified that virtually nobody, even in APHC strongholds like Srinagar and Anantnag, wants the Kashmir Valley to go to Pakistan. This goes on to confirm that there’s a breach in Pakistan’s grand delusion on J&K. The overwhelming response to the electoral process in Jammu & Kashmir has clearly delivered a decisive blow to the secessionist elements and their masters in Islamabad. Despite large-scale killings of political workers and leaders across the state, the voters have braved the bullets to turn up on the polling day in large numbers to exercise their franchise. Despite strong words from the US, Pakistan could not stop itself from using all its dark recourses to disrupt the democratic process, which in the end turned out to be a futile exercise in vain. Change is the essence of democratic process and the people of Kashmir are looking forward to change in governance - a process, which is imperative to mitigate the suffering and hardships of past decade under most difficult circumstances. Analysts point out that it might not be a cakewalk for the ruling National Conference, which had hoped for a lower voter turn out, something, which has favoured them in the past. They are facing stiff competition from the Congress and the local entrant Peoples Democratic Party. The low voter turn out in Srinagar bears ample testimony to the fact that APHC still enjoys some confidence of the people; otherwise their double standards and hypocrisy has been exposed in the other parts of the state rendering them a non-entity for all times to come. The people of Kashmir have out rightly rejected the use of violence as a means of achieving their political objectives, which implies that they have accepted democratic process as an instrument by which their genuine grievances would be addressed. Satisfying all these demands at once is no doubt a formidable chore for any political dispensation. Today if the integrity of various institutions  - APHC and company - has been battered, it is not the general public who is responsible, but the burden lies on the defunct political leaderships. The successful culmination of the electioneering process will usher a new hope in the Kashmir. Pakistan should realise that that the people of Kashmir have out-rightly rejected its gun-culture, and Islamic fundamentalism. They want to live in peace in a democratic set-up with a way of living that is so close to their hearts – Kashmiryat!

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