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Conference on Peace Solution

Separatists evince interest in K P participation

Sushil Vakil

As the internaional support is dwindling and Pakistan is engrossed in its own problems the Hurriyat conference leaders and seccessionist groups fighting on political and armed front , it is obivious that they failed to exert any pressure on India and free the Valley from its stronghold. Equally, they also failed in coercing the Government of India  to decide the future of the J&K State through tripritate dialogue. The Government of India has been and is still admant to its resolve that Kashmir is an integral part of India. However, the Indian Government extended invitations to the seccessionist leaders and ultra groups to come forward and join the negotiable table so that their genuine demands are discussed and adressed to and a peaceful solution is  found which could help in bringing peace back to the Valley and put an  end to militancy once for all. But the Pak pampered leaders, though willing to join talks, every time,  put forth the unreasonable condition of including Pakistan as a third party in talks. Rejecting and ridiculing this condition, the Government of India made it clear that Pakistan has no role in the peace parleys and thus strengthened further its claim that Kashmir is its integral part and as such Pakistan can’t be made a party to the talks between the Government and the representatives of Kashmiri people. The militants, both local and foreign tried every sophsicated weaponary and warfare tactics  to demoralise the morale  of the Indian security forces and have full control over the Valley. But the valliant soldiers shattered their dreams and almost succeded in wiping out hard core foreign mercenaries and top rank militants in the Valley. The militants, except few foreign hired are weary and disgusted and disillusioned over the backtracking of support by the Pakistan. 


The Hurriyat leaders are exaseparated, militants aweary and they can perceive that ‘use of gun’ neither solved nor can help in solving the vexed problem which is lingering on for the last fifty years. They are mature enough to discern that Pakistan couldn’t even solve it despite waging three full fledge wars against India. 


The Hurriyat leaders are now changing postures and sending feelars to Government of India for finding a viable solution to end militancy and accrue more autonomy and powers for the State. Sometimes, they express willingness to enter into the fray if held under the supervision  of an independent “Election Commission” comprising of immenent persons and of their choice. This demand was also, outrightly, turned down by the Vajpayee Government. Now they are persuing other options. 


For finding an honourable solution through a peace deal with the Government of India  they are wooing the Kashmiri Pandits  and even roped in the services of various Kashmiri Pandits. During the past one year the Hurriyat leaders shared dias with some self styled Kashmiri Pandit leaders and so called intellectuals who have had no backing and support from any KP organisation. The community had exposed the actions and dubious intentions of those leaders confabulating with seccessionist leaders seeking the ways and means for the honourable return of the exiled members to the Valley. Some of these leaders with vested interests claiming to be representatives of KP community are in constant touch with the Hurriyat and other Valley based leaders and do not miss any opportunity to visit or call them in their meetings whenever they land in capital. By sharing  platform with them,  perhaps, they feel they can gain publicity and may be in future taken into any Committee or included in the list of crisis managers if any dialogue is held with Govt of India or Pakistan. 


With the change in situation, elections coming nearer and emergence of new political developments the Hurriyat Conference is now beckoning Kashmiri Pandits and elucidiating their support. So far they have been fighting the war for freedom on communal lines and stressing for an Islamic State on the basis of population ratio. Having failed to muster international support on religious lines they want now to give it wider meaning and secular colour. 


Lately, an organisation under the name and style of  ‘Displaced Kashmiri United Front’ was formed in Delhi with two Convenors, one a Kashmiri Pandit and the other a Kashmiri Muslim. By the banner one can infer that it represents all the Kashmiri displaced people, be it Hindus or Muslims. It is reported that this organisation would work in unison with other political parties and strive to find a peaceful solution to the present imbroligo by holding peace conferences. Towards this end the organisation has recently held a Conference in Delhi to deliberate on “Devastated Kashmiri’s search for a balanced Kashmiri policy”. Invites were extended to many intellectuals, political leaders, journalists and representatives of political parties of the State. In the  press note released prior to the conference great concern was expressed for the people living in exile as well as for the people living in the Valley under miserable conditions. The release mentions that Kashmiries donot believe in India nor do they believe in Pakistan. The five thousand year old community stands disembered, disfranchised, deprived of the basic rights, suffering from various physical and mental disorders, die prematurely and unnaturaly.  For this catastrophe the organisation blame both India and Pakistan. For this orgy the KPs straightaway blame seccessionist  leaders and their outfits aided and abetted by Pakistan who  forced KP’s to flee the Valley at the gun point, not the Govt of India. By including the word India the organisation  is mischievously attempting to link KPs with the freedom movement  supported by the people who form the majority of population  in  the  State, the KPs feel. We are proud of our patriotism and  loyality to our country and stand by India’s claim that Kashmir in an Integral Part of India, the Pandits avered. 


DKPUF further laments “ that the people  are tired of present state of unrest and uncertainity and donot want to be pawns on the chessboard of national and international mechinations, 13 long years has frustrated and weired them. This has dashed all their hopes of political, economic process and development. Lakhs of Kashmiri’s are living in different parts and yearn to be a part of genuine development process of Kashmir”. By forming the organisation the founders seem to be confident that this goal can be achieved if all the political parties and people of the State work in unison including  Kashmiri exiled Hindus and Muslims. 


Further, the organisation has expressed  deep concern about the dimensions and other aspects of the Kashmir issue and feel that the rights and privileges cannot be given over a platter. “We have to strive, fight and achieve these with all the legal and peaceful means at our command. Hopefully, by the grace of God, we will achieve them and achieve before it is too late. We have been waiting for the last 13 years. Our silence is eloquent. How long should we wait? For how long should we suffer? 


The release concludes with the para “Now all depends on us as we have to steer the ship. We have to watch the waves, measure the wind and observe the direction and the depths, we will have the critics and the lovers, we have to respect both and give them due weightage provided the intentions are clear. 


From the concluding paras the Pandits can comprehend that for the final peace solution the organisation overtly or covertly wants to attach the Kashmiri Pandits and give the movement secular touch and allow separatists to  use their platforms in the capital as well as in Jammu. 


The highly annoyed and exiled Kashmiri Pandits on the other hand squarely blames the seccessionist outfits and their leaders for unleashing terror by killing its people and forcing others to leave their homes and hearths.The seccessionist leaders who are now supporting and sharing the peace plateforms alongwith the Kashmiri Pandits kept mum while their members were killed mercilesly and were made to leave the Valley. They are the people who made hole in the ship and sunk it and now they want to steer it with the help of Kashmiri Pandits, the displaced community feels. The Kashmiri Pandits further give vent to their feelings and ask; can any Kashmiri Pandit from whom support is expected forget the warnings written on the walls and doors “Indian dogs go back” and the slogans blurred on the loudspeakers atop the mosques. They feel that the people in majority community wanted to fight freedom struggle on religious lines and for that purpose they forced the aborgines to flee from the Valley. But now as their movement is fizziling out they are roping in the support of Kashmiri Pandits through some Kashmiri Pandits.No doubt, Kashmiri Pandits wish to go back to their place of birth but at the whole hearted invitation of Kashmiri Muslims and not by pleading before the seccessionist leaders and seeking their mercy. Under the present circumastances the Pandits expect Hurriyat should appeal for KPs support and not that they plead before them that they be accepted back in the Valley. 


The Conference was almost successful and attended by a large number of people, Muslims outnumbering the Kashmiri Hindus. The Hurriyat  was represented by Mr Omar Farooq and Shabir Shah while as the Awami National Conference was represented by Mr Muzaffar Shah.The KP side was represented by Mr H N Jattu, President All India Kashmiri Pandit Conference, Mr Bhushan Bazaz, President, Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Forum and an office bearer of Kashmiri Samaj and  besides more than half of the Executive Members of the Kashmiri Samiti, Delhi. The KSD representatives were present during the entire proceedings. However, its General Secretary left earlier after making his presence felt, it is learnt. 


In the meanwhile, there is furore in the community and tempers are running high over the participation of KP’s in the Conference and sharing dias with those who are responsible for unleashing terror on its Members in the Valley. The KPs feel that this Conference was deliberately convened so that an impression is created in the country and abroad that Kashmiri Pandits also support the peace initiative and want to extend their support to the Hurriyat, giving an impression that they too want to enter into talks on the side of Kashmiris, which is not true, they observe. The KPs criticised Mr H. N. Jattu for playing multi roles. Surprisingly, he is sharing and shared the dias with seccessionist leaders wherever and whenever he gets such an opportunity. Similarly, the community assailed the Samiti Executive Committee members who have attended and heard the Hurriyat leaders in good strength, the anguished Pandits lament. It may or must not be in their knowledge that their organisation (KSD) is demanding representation in peace talks between the Govt of India and Kashmiri leaders and not by extending cooperation to Kashmiri seperatists in finding  a solution to problem. Some people have also expressed unhapiness over AIKS participation also. However, there is no resentment on the participation of Mr Bushan Bazaz, as he is known for his leniencies. 


Credit goes to Mr Ashok Kak Convenor, Displaced Kashmiri Peoples United Front and former secretary of Kashmiri Samiti Delhi and Mr Bashir Wani also Convenor of DKPUF for organising the conference and making an attempt to abridge the two communities.

The author is the Editor of Weekly Kashur Gazette published from New Delhi.

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