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Are temples at Kashi & Mathura next..?   

Romeet K WATT

Two men understood to be the associates of the Lashkar-eToiba (LeT) stuck terror inside the Akshardham temple for about 12 hours – killing 36 and injuring over 70 in an attack that has taken place, seven months after the Godhra train tragedy - 60 Hindu pilgrims including many women and children on board the Sabarmati Express were burn alive by an unruly mob of Muslim fanatics - and the post Godhra carnage. An attack that had all the hallmarks of the earlier terrorist strike on the Indian parliament and J&K legislative assembly has once again sent shivers down the Indian establishment who despite tall claims has been unable to curb the menace of terrorism.


No crime can be more culpable than the gratuitous killings of innocents engaged in worship. The killing took place despite several reports by the Intelligence agencies including a report made after Delhi police unearthed in August a LeT plot to assassinate Chief Minister Narendra Modi, VHP leader Praveen Togadia, and other Sang leaders. Super-cop K P S Gill had also proclaimed that the a terrorist strikes in the western Indian state of Gujarat were likely but his timely observation went disregarded, consequently the state intelligence agencies and police forces were caught napping.


After having botched in its design to arrest the electioneering process in J&K the terrorists decided to train its guns on Gujarat to retaliate the post Godra killings of Muslims. New Delhi is also of the firm belief that this latest attack is handiwork of Pakistan who was perturbed at the higher attendance in the first three phases of the assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir The shameful attack on Hindu devotees is unquestionably a Pakistan-inspired and executed terrorist attack given that the ghastly killings took place just a few weeks after Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf raised the Gujarat issue at the United Nations to target Indian government for what according him is its “Hindu bias”.


Given the quantity and sort of ammunition on the two terrorists, they appear well-trained and are believed to the members of LeT. The Gujarat riots, media reports suggest, came as a fodder for Lashkar chief Hafeez  Sayeed who has been using it in his speeches following the crack down in Pakistan. He has reportedly urged his dedicated cadres to move towards the south to seek revenge. Intelligence analysts firmly accept as true that their weapons and strategy all point towards Lashkar’s suicide squads. JeM lead by Maulana Masood Azhar is a Gujarati on the other side of the border and highly placed sources in New Delhi have confirmed that the modus operandi is of Lashkar but men could be from Jaish.


Following the terrorist attacks in Akshardham temple the Uttar Pradesh government under strict advice from the Home Ministry rushed additional police force and para-military forces to Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura - three major holy towns in the state -  to thwart any attempts by Jehadi forces to carry out fiyadeen attacks. In a pattern that has been imminent since early eighties when scores of temples were desecrated in Kashmir, the focus has now shifted to other parts of the country where Hindu temples are being targeted and Hindu devotees killed in cold blood. The attack on the famous Raghunath temple, in Jammu and a serious of attacks on the  annual holy Ambarnath pilgrimage in Kashmir has validated the obvious – Jehadi forces are under firm instruction from their controllers, the ISI,  to carry out sensational attacks on sacred Hindu sites.


According to a credible report available with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), militants damaged 127 temples in the Valley between 1986 and 1992; 32 temples being destroyed by the Kashmiri militants within 48 hours of the demolition of the disputed structure in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992. “The maximum number of 47 temples were vandalized and damaged in February 1986, followed by 44 in 1992. Of these, the maximum, 72 temples were vandalized in Anantnag, the rest in Srinagar, Baramulla, Kupwara, Badgam and Shopian,” the report says. The report further confirms that temple lands had been usurped and the idols damaged by explosions and some  were destroyed in rocket and grenade attacks.


With a resolute support from Islamabad, the Jehadi forces are believed to carry on with their tirade against Hindu religion by selectively attacking the key Hindu holy places across the length and breadth of the country. And New Delhi has to do better than the poetic rhetoric of Prime Minister Vajpayee to placate the majority community in India. Even after the passing of laws like POTA, India not been able to curb the threat of terrorism, which instead of being on decline is spreading to new parts of the county. By not able to safeguard the lives of its citizens, NDA government at the center has made India a laughing stock in the eyes of the world community, and every time something extreme occurs, they keep running to Uncle Sam for assistance.


In sharp contrast to India’s rhetoric’s, Washington has avenged the killing of over 7000 people killed in World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, by its swift and prompt action in Afghanistan, which brought the downfall of the Taliban and has put Al Qaida on the run for all times to come. On the other hand New Delhi has shown its inability to apprehend even the prime accused in the Bombay serial blasts, leave aside the terrorists responsible for the hijacking of IC 814 Indian Airlines flight.


It is time for India to leave rhetoric aside and face Pakistan with all its might and fury and tell the world community that we are capable of crippling the nerve centers of terrorism single-handedly. And that we will not rest till Pakistan puts to stop cross-border terrorism it has unleashed upon this country. The minority community  in India also has to address this fundamental question: Why one community alone earns the notoriety of being terrorist’s world-wide?

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