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l October 2003 l

The Kashmir Bachao Andolan Publication

l Vol 2, No 6 l

F E A T U R E 

'APHC serves the policy reflex of Pakistan' 

Press Briefing

Editor's note: Excerpts from  the press briefing of Mr. Sayed Nazir Gilani, Chairman, International Kashmir Alliance, held in London, on September 26, 2003

On 15 April 03 APHC went into a seven hour long indoor session and reached out to the establishment in Islamabad, requesting the use and support of Pakistan Television (PTV), Radio Pakistan, Kashmir Media Service and print media against IKA leadership, domiciled outside the borders of Kashmir. 


IKA Declaration which puts ‘people first’ and stands for an ‘accountable, transparent, and just politics’ and the exercise of our ‘Right of Association’ and ‘Right of Assembly’ were labelled as anti- movement activity, by APHC. PTV, Radio Pakistan, Kashmir Media Service, print media and Pakistan Government machinery was let loose to conduct a vicious propaganda against IKA leadership. The establishment in Islamabad also exploited some websites to wage a vicious propaganda against us. 


Prof. Gani Bhat the then Chairman of APHC while soliciting a non- Kashmiri support against a Kashmiri school of politics forgot the saying – “Be nice to people on your way up, because you meet them on your way down”. Now on his way down, ironically the same Bhat has complained on 9th September in his interview in Daily Jang (pages 1 and 3) to the Government of Pakistan, for using PTV, Radio Pakistan, KMS and print media against him and his faction of APHC. 


IKA responded to APHC on 17th April 03, 24 April 03 and reminded the Prime Minister of Pakistan of his Government’s duty to fairness and to keep out of a valid debate between IKA and APHC. We reminded him that the use of PTV, Radio Pakistan, Kashmir Media Service and Pakistani print media in a campaign of character assassination of the IKA leadership constituted a serious breach of the Pakistan’s assumed role in its administered parts of Kashmir.....


... As against this APHC, guilty of an irresponsible political culture and used to a privatised and a commercialised politics, has failed to honour its own constitution, to find a ‘peaceful settlement’ of the dispute. It has lead a generation in Kashmir to a slaughter house and is responsible for disabling the civil society in Kashmir. And now they stand split – one calls the other, a dirty devil and anti movement. 


The history of APHC pre and post split, shows that the leadership has an unreliable understanding of Kashmir case ..... The people of Jammu and Kashmir are caught in a total failure of the intended balance between self-determination of all the peoples and minority rights of some of the people. There is no denying of the majoritarian rule within the Nation-State. However while in principle a necessary and desirable rule, it will have to ensure that it does not prevent the coexistence of other social values. Its failure to represent the aspirations of the Kashmiri Pandits and other minorities is regrettable and condemnable. 


APHC leadership is grouped in the small town of Srinagar and is non- representative of the people in aggregate. It has betrayed the popular sentiment, supporting the Rights Movement. It has breached its own constitution by opposing the cease-fire announced by Hizb and by the Prime Minister of India, thus depriving the people recognition as a party. APHC even pooh-poohed a cease-fire announced by its own Chairman Prof. Gani Bhat. It does not respect the aspirations of the people living under the other two administrations of Muzaffarabad and Gilgit. The fact that APHC has earned the blame that it serves the policy reflex of the establishment in Islamabad, is not in the interests of a pluralistic civil society in Kashmir. 


APHC pre and post split, has remained an undemocratic and an unconstitutional body. It has sent over 70,000 souls to death and continues to subscribe to a politics of violence, causing a heavy loss of life on a daily basis. It has precipitated, for its private and commercial reasons, multiple violence, of security forces, militants, renegades and unidentified gunmen. IKA holds it accountable and liable for a loss of life, which could have been averted, if APHC had followed its constitutional discipline..... 


....Pakistan is a bad advocate of the people of Kashmir. It practices double standards and it too has violated international law by taking steps in Azad Kashmir and in Gilgit, repugnant to the jurisprudence of UN Security Council Resolutions ( UNCIP). The constitutional restraints in Azad Kashmir and the Karachi Agreement of April 1949 on Northern Areas are a serious violation of its assumed role under UNCIP. Pakistani establishment restrains free opinions on self-determination and promotes pre-determination in the two administrations under its control. 


....IKA welcomes the initiatives of the Vajpayee Government and of the Opposition, in particular Congress party taken in the recent past in relation to Rights Movement and Peace in Kashmir. 


.....IKA regrets that the Government of Kashmir at Muzaffarabad has lost its vires, by failing to ensure its Constitutional duties to the people living under the administrations of Srinagar and Gilgit. Muzaffarabad Government has failed to ensure that the writ of its superior courts prevails in relation to the coercive tactics of the establishment in Islamabad. More so, it has failed in relation to curbs placed on the fundamental rights under Act 1974 and the Azad Jammu & Kashmir Council rules. 

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