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l September 03 l

The Kashmir Bachao Andolan Publication

l Vol 2, No 5 l

L A S T  W O R D

Good fences make good neighbors  

Gary Fitleberg

The Arabs living in the "disputed territories" want the right of "self-determination" and their own statehood. But they also want to have freedom to be able to send their various terrorists utilizing many names, including but not limited to, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, et.al., to travel into what is what is proclaimed as Israelīs borders. The Arabs canīt have it both ways. These two people prove that there needs to be separation between them and that they canīt live together in peace. There is one solution to the problem. A good fence. Good fences make good neighbors.

Every nation has the right to defend its borders and exist in peace and security. This is a fundamental right. Why should Israel be any different and excluded from a fundamental right? Why is Israel held to a higher standard than any other nation? US Secretary of State Colin Powell says he is concerned that the security fence Israel is building could impede peacemaking with the Arab "Palestinians".

"A nation is within its rights to put up a fence if it sees the need for one," Powell said in a broadcast to Arab countries. However, he said, "In the case of the Israeli fence, we are concerned when the fence crosses over onto the land of others." One small problem Mr. Powell. This is not the land of others. The land which are erroneously called "occupied territories" are in actuality and reality "disputed territories" which Israel has been willing to negotiate in a "Land for Peace" deal.

One can only clearly recall that in recent times these "disputed territories" were offered to Arafat but he turned his back and walked away from them in a historic unprecedented offer that would have given away the ancient biblical Jewish Holy Land to Arabs living within its borders. A deal that would have given up 100% of Gaza, 97% of Judea & Samaria, and East Jerusalem.

But Arafat turned his back and walked away from PEACE and statehood. Here is a historical lesson regarding the statehood of Palestine for the U.S. State Department just in case they have forgotten or are unaware of the facts. One will note for the record that the Palestine Mandate promised the Jews a state and the Arabs a state. The Jewish portion of the land was reduced more than once.

The Jewish state became Israel. The Arab state became Trans-Jordan; which later became known as Jordan. The Arabs rejected the idea of Israelīs statehood and launched a full scale war against it with the intention of its annihilation and pushing its Jewish inhabitants into the sea. It did not achieve its goal fortunately.

However, Israel lost portions of its land in its struggle for survival. This included its territories of Gaza as well as Judea & Samaria. Israelīs territories became the "occupied territories" of Egypt and Jordan for nineteen years from 1948-1967. Israel regained its lost territories when its Arab neighbors launched yet another full scale war against it with the intent of annihilation once again. According to legal principles, when a nation is an aggressor and attacks another nation in war it loses any claim to any land lost; especially when the land was not legally and rightfully belonging to it in the first place.

Therefore, although the īdisputed territories" rightfully belong to Israel they are willing to concede this land for PEACE!!! But Arafat and the rest of the terrorists do not want ONLY these "disputed territoriesī but the whole piece of pie. Do not believe me or take my word. Read the charters of any of Arafatīs terrorist subsidiaries. The Fatah, PA/PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad et.al. Letīs look at their emblems, maps, and school textbooks. Letīs listen to their state-controlled media and political propaganda machine!!! Letīs listen carefully and closely!!!

Powellīs disapproval of Israeli security construction in Judea & Samaria falsely called ("West Bank") and his description of the territory as belonging to others could signal a bias and toughening stance by the Bush administration as it tries to push both sides toward following a Bush-sponsored "Road Map" to settlement of decades of enmity.

U.S. Administration officials have threatened Israel with a substantial reduction in loan guarantees to Israel as a penalty for constructing the fence. A fence that would eventually separate the two into separate states and give both sides what they will eventually get anyway. The Jewish state will get peace and security. The Arabs will get a second Palestinian homeland.

Congress authorized more than a decade ago cuts in US aid to Israel by the amount Israel spent on settling Jews on the Gaza and Judea & Samaria (now erroneously known as the "West Bank"). The dollar-for-dollar formula now might be applied to the $9 billion in loan guarantees over three years and $1 billion in military aid approved last spring to help compensate Israel for the economic impact of the war with Iraq.

The main question under consideration is whether building the 370-mile-long fence or barrier is related to settlements, said an official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The Israelis have said the construction will cost about $2 million a mile. The potential punishment of Israel stirred a protest among members of Congress. Sen. Joe Lieberman said "the administrationīs threat to cut aid to Israel unless it stops construction of a security fence is a heavy-handed tactic." That may be the understatement of the year.

"It has no place in relations between allies," the presidential aspirant said in a statement. "The Israeli people have the right to defend themselves from terrorism, and a security fence may be necessary to achieve this," he said. Sen. Charles E. Schumer urged President George W. Bush in a letter not to delay distribution of the loan guarantees, which were approved by Congress.

"By building a security fence in the West Bank, the Israeli government is pushing a reasonable defensive policy that respects the terms of the cease-fire currently in force and does no violence to the Palestinian people," Schumer said. The senator said he worried "that a shift in emphasis by the White House on implementing provisions of the Road Map leaves Israel terribly vulnerable to terrorist attack."

Powell, in a radio interview, said the administration was talking to Israel about the security fence. "The fence has walls as part of the fence," he said, "and we hope we can find a way of discussing this problem so that the fence does not become a hindrance toward progress on the Road Map." We owe the flawed design of the "Road Map" to the U.S. State Department. Those who have their own agenda regarding Israel historically.

The U.S. State Department needs to clearly think and understand the facts better before it acts or speak. A good fence may very well end the current conflict and crisis. This good fence can include the Arabs but should start with the misguided U.S. State Department and their ill-conceived "Road Map" to peace!!! Why arenīt the terrorists being penalized for their atrocities and "war crimes" against civilization and humanity?

Why are "settlements" being dismantled and not the terrorist organizations infrastructure? Where exactly does the world truly stand in the "War on Terrorism"? When will the world deal fairly and squarely with the State of Israel? How can anyone justify and rationalize the "Road Map" arrangement that penalizes the peacemakers and rewards the perpetrators of hatred, incitement, terror, and violence? Does this make any sense to you?

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