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l June 2004 l

The Kashmir Bachao Andolan Publication

l Vol 4, No 2 l

E D I T O R ' S   C H O I C E

UNICEF: Where are you?
Gary Fitleberg

UNICEF has called on Israel and the Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization (PA/PLO) to do more to shield kids from violence.

According to the United Nations organization, Israel should uphold international standards on the detention of children and ease travel restrictions that prevent thousands of Arab “Palestinian” youths from getting an education, the head of the United Nations children's fund said at the start of a Middle East visit.

Yes. Israel should uphold the rights of terrorists to brainwash Arab Children to blow up Jewish Children. Israel should not be allowed to protect itself from daily imminent danger from those who wish to commit ethnic cleansing and genocide. What about Arafat from preventing his own people from getting a proper education.

One that eliminates hatred, incitement, terrorism, and violence.

One that teaches tolerance not terrorism.

One that teaches reading, writing, and arithmetic rather than bomb-making, smuggling and more importantly murder and mayhem.

Perhaps even a lesson that G-d does grant martyrdom for murder of civilians and rewards of virgins in paradise for dirty deeds in the blasphemous using of G-d’s name in vain.

Human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have raised concerns about the treatment of several hundred Arab “Palestinian” teens held in Israeli detention centers and prisons, and UNICEF has called for the abolition of "administrative detention" - without charge or trial - for minors.

Even if the teens are unfortunately brainwashed children by their rulers they must still be held accountable for their actions. The same human rights groups do not condemn the school textbooks that teach terrorism rather than tolerance. These groups fail to condemn the crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing and genocide of Jews by Arafat’s Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization, it’s main faction Fatah and its various subsidiary terrorist organizations (called “security forces”) such as the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Force 17 and Tanzim as well as the sister organizations Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.

UNICEF executive director Carol Bellamy called on Israeli authorities "to comply with the international norms that are in place for purposes of detention of young people."

"While security is an issue, let's make sure you carry out security in a way that is not so devastating on people, that it doesn't prevent children from getting an education," she added.

Agreed. No one should be denied a proper education. Bellamy must protect the Arab and Jewish children from their corrupt dictator and repressive ruler Yasser Arafat if she truly cares about the children of the region. Surely, she is no authority on security concerns but let her use her authority regarding children in a completely accountable honest way.
While we are on the subject of education...what about the children murdered and maimed on buses, in cafes, in discos, in restaurants, in shopping malls and in the university as well as those in their beds or playing nearby their homes. What about their denial of an education as well as the existence of their very lives. Bellamy does not seem to care or recognize those children

Bellamy is on a three-day visit to Israel and the disputed territories of Gaza, Judea & Samaria, her first since being named UNICEF chief in 1995. Several planned visits have been scrapped for security reasons.

UNICEF says at least 573 Arab “Palestinians” under 18 and 104 children on the Israeli side have been killed in violence that erupted in Sept. 2000. It has repeatedly called on both sides to do more to protect children from violence. Although it is nice to report statistics it would be also nice if the truth were told completely as to the causes for each of the deaths of these children.

Decisions of adults in the region are "creating an environment for violence that will affect the children for years to come," Bellamy said.

The decision of Arafat to turn his back and walk away from an unprecedented offer for peace, security, and statehood for his own ego, personal benefit, and symbolism was the one conflict-ending decision that was fatal to both his own people as well as the Israelis.
Corruption and greed to steal billions of international “humanitarian aid” money to his own personal pocket were more important than the proper education of the children. Using them as a diversion is definitely a crime against humanity. One that should be referred to the U.N. Security Council for a resolution or tried before the International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands.

While Israeli and Arab ‘Palestinian’ children are both affected by violence, "there is a special impact ... on some of the Palestinian children - the struggles to get to school, the barriers, the diversions, the checkpoints, the impact we've seen in terms of getting some of the vaccines in for children for simple immunization," Bellamy said.

Bellamy. Don’t blame Israel. Give credit to Arafat.

Bellamy plans to visit UNICEF education projects in the Gaza Strip, view Israel's security fence and separation barrier near Jerusalem, in Judea & Samaria, and meet Israeli and Arab “Palestinian” schoolchildren who have lost relatives in the violence.

She is also due to meet senior officials, including Arab “Palestinian” premier Ahmed Qureia and Israel's deputy prime minister, Ehud Olmert.

The UN said Bellamy would raise "access problems" with Israeli officials, including checkpoints, curfews and other obstacles to Palestinian movement and barriers to UNICEF staff reaching the worst-affected areas.

Bellamy. Urge Arafat to stop terrorism immediately. You will see the checkpoints, curfews and other obstacles made necessary by terrorism come to an end.

Arab “Palestinian” officials will be urged to put more resources into education and child protection. One great start would be not to use the children as human sacrifices and weapons or for propaganda and publicity campaigns to falsely gain world sympathy. Another might possibly be not to use children as human shields for terrorists.

"The majority of the population in this region is young," Bellamy said. "We have the choice to invest in young people or to ignore young people. So my message will be to all, to Israelis and Palestinians: invest."

Maybe UNICEF will act in the right direction by education of the Arab “Palestinian” children towards shielding them from terrorism and violence. The sooner the better.

Invest in the children. Invest in school textbooks that do not perpetuate hatred, incitement, terrorism and violence against Arab and Jewish children.

Do it for the sake of the children.

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