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l June 2004 l

The Kashmir Bachao Andolan Publication

l Vol 4, No 2 l


Human Rights, Israel & United Nation

Gary Fitleberg

The United Nations…
Human Rights? Human Wrongs?

Despite the United Nations Charter’s laudable commitment to the “sovereign equality” of all member states, Israel is treated very differently from the other 188 countries in the U.N.

When it comes to Israel, the U.N.’s credibility is always in question. The U.N. serves as the lacky and mouthpiece of political propaganda of Arab/Islamist nations who have only one agenda – the annihilation of Israel.

It’s historical animosity towards the tiny little nation state it created in 1948 is crystal clear. It’s corruption, dishonesty, lack of real standards (other than double standards) is its hallmark and legacy.

A case in point is the most inappropriately named organization ever.

The United Nations just held it’s 60th session of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in Geneva where they were presented with several proposals aimed at ending human rights abuses and violations by the member states.

The commission, however had a different agenda.

Instead of focusing on the question of human rights, they took the opportunity to call a special session to single out Israel for the “targeted killing” of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of the terrorist organization Hamas, who was sympathetically portrayed as a poor blind, feeble, old, quadriplegic “spiritual leader” who was critically acclaimed as a legendary hero of his people. On the other hand, Yassin was singled out as if were some special saint even holier than the Pope. In reality Yassin actually was a maniacal murderer and sick twisted ruler.

Yassin was Hamas’ inspiration and “spiritual leader” of murder, mayhem, and terrorism. His sermons evoked hatred, incitement and violence. The sermons praised those people who blew themselves up in order to boldly and coldly kill others.

Bare in mind that UNCHR has never ever before called for a special session to blast or deplore Hamas, and any of the other terrorist organizations responsible for the cold-blooded murder of nearly 1,000 Israelis. In all the years of bloody homicide attacks and bombings, drive-by shootings, kidnappings, and murders by Hamas, the U.N. and its various bodies all remained completely silent.

Why one might ask? With Libya serving as the Chair of the Committee on Human Rights
and Syria serving as Chair of the U.N. Security Council the answer becomes crystal clear. These state supporters of terrorism and thugs internationally promote a political propaganda agenda against Israel that is reprehensible and ruthless.

During the session, UNCHR met and not surprisingly passed a resolution condemning Israel for the killing of Yassin and the alleged “continuing grave violations of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” The final vote: 31-3, with 18 abstentions.

More than ever before, the United Nations today fails to face the truth and deal honestly with terrorism – one of the most dangerous and horrific of all human rights abuses.

Always and everywhere, Israel is the main target of U.N. sanctioned terrorism.

Recently, the mockery of the U.N. was clearly evident with Israel’s separation barrier and security fence being put on trial before the international body’s tribunal The Hague in the Netherlands at the urging of the Arab/Islamist nations. The U.N. international court hearing had been convened solely to discredit Israel politically. Despite the fact the barrier and fence which has been called by its detractors as an “apartheid wall” was built as a matter of desperation and frustration from not having any progress by its alleged peace partner. The sole goal is to defend Israel’s citizens from attack and as a means to keep them as safe and secure as possible under very difficult circumstances.

The hearing was especially perverse. The political maneuver was designed solely to damage and discredit further the shameful and wrongful world’s opinion of Israel.

The hearing was held at the bequest of the U.N. General Assembly – the one in the very same hotbed of anti-Israel sentiment that equated Zionism with racism, once again repeatedly condemned Israel’s efforts at self-defense and entirely glossed over the acts of terrorism against this tiny little nation state.

At the International Court of Justice (or more appropriately “Injustice”), one of those sitting in judgment of Israel suggested Israel be sued for “genocide” while ironically and moronically those terrorists who are the cause for the barrier and fence have neither been sued or tried for their ethnic genocide and crimes against humanity. Another foreign Arab/Islamist “diplomat” accused Israel of employing “terrorist systems” in the Golan Heights (another barrier and bridge for Israel’s safety and security) while ignoring, for example, Syria’s “occupation” of Lebanon and state sponsorship of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.

No international body has the right to overrule the internal security decisions of a sovereign state that is under terrorist siege on a daily basis. At least some nation states such as the United States, Russia, Germany, France and others, recognized this dangerous fact and protested over the ICJ’s jurisdiction in this case and thereby showed a certain degree of honesty, integrity, and morality against the Arab/Islamist controlled majority.

Indeed, the ICJ’s bias was clearly evident from the very moment it began making the most routine procedural decisions in the case. The biased judge should have recused himself from sitting on the tribunal. The case should have been rejected for lack of jurisdiction. But that was not the case unfortunately.

Even though several Arab states – open enemies of Israel – eagerly signed up and stood in line to testify, the ICJ quickly decided it would also take the testimony of the Arab League; the association of Arab states always bent on the intent for Israel’s annihilation and the very center of all the agitation.

Even before the hearings got under way, the U.N. Secretariat sent the ICJ a dossier whose bias – as one diplomat put it – “borders on the absurd.” The dossier makes absolutely no mention of terrorist attacks against Israel – the entire reason for building the moveable separation barrier and security fence.

Last year’s meeting of the Human Rights Commission was no better and dominated by delegates representing some of the world’s most repressive regimes. The members included such dubious human rights models as Algeria, Cuba, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Syria.

Commission members Cuba, Libya, Sudan and Syria are four of the seven countries listed on the U.S. State Department list of state sponsors of terrorism. America, a beacon of freedom and democracy, and leader of human rights was requested to leave the commission.

The entire agenda for the meeting consisted of (1) dictatorships making excuses for one another and (2) dictatorships heaping abuse upon Israel.

Libya, Chair of the Commission, has seen that Israel has no chance to serve on it but only to be judged by it.

Surprising? So it goes on and on at the United Nations Against Israel (U.N.A.I.).

Perhaps the most vitriolic statements of the session were made by Nabil Ramlawi, the delegate from the Palestinian Authority (formerly the Palestine Liberation Organization).

Mr. Ramlawi is no stranger to us. As the long-time Arab “Palestinian” delegate to the U.N. agencies based in Geneva and a hard-core veteran anti-Israel campaigner, he is world famous for making dishonest vicious accusations and comments. In 1998, for example, Ramlawi was forced to publicly apologize to the UNCHR for filing a false complaint and report in which he accused Israel of having “injected the AIDS virus into 300 Arab “Palestinian” children. No lie, myth or propaganda is beneath Ramlawi.

This time, Ramlawi began his speech before the Human Rights Commission by equating Zionism with Nazism.

“When Israel was established,” he said, “it was established on Zionist ideology and its practices were even worse than those used by the Nazis,” adding, “And just as the Third Reich was eliminated in World War II, so must ‘the new Zionist Nazism” be eradicated today.

Inciteful? Insulting? Lies? Myths? Propaganda? Vile? You betcha. Absolutely.

But not surprising at the good ol’ U.N.A.I. Consider the following true scenario.

At a forum of the United Nations, no less, the Arab “Palestinian” delegate, representing a non-member nation state, stands up and calls for the physical destruction of a member nation state…and walks away without even so much as a slap on the wrist from the Commission Chair.

The spokesman for the Western Group objected calling the outage “unacceptable.”

No other country or representative had a word to say.

When it comes to Israel, the U.N.’s credibility is always in question. This is a fact that is absolutely crystal clear and transparently apparent.

It’s role as a member of “The Quartet” sponsored “Road Map” is dishonest, self-serving and undeserving. After all it has passed over 700 resolutions against Israel which is over half of all the resolutions passed thus far since its inception. The U.N. one of the biggest advocates for the destruction of the modern state it begrudgingly did create in 1948.

Until a decision is made at the U.N. to bring a constant and definitive end to its mindless self-defeating abuse of human rights and Israel, it is impossible to see how the U.N. can play any role its advocates say it ought to play in the search for peace in the Middle East.

At the U.N. it is time for a change. Can it happen? It is not likely.

It is painfully obvious about the agenda of the U.N.A.I.

Many people will tell you Israel-bashing is merely just part of the culture at the United Nations. Some countries indulge in it for their own domestic political reasons, others do it so as to distract attention away from their own corrupt dictatorships and ruthless repressive regimes ruled by selfish tyrannies, and still others use it as a political propaganda ploy against the United States of America.

The best way to confront a bully and expose corrupt dictators and evil is to take it head on and expose the fraud. By bringing attention and standing up for what is right one also brings attention and stands up for what is wrong in this world.

One can no longer excuse the actions and behavior of the Arab/Islamist member nations who control and dominate the U.N. which serves as mouthpiece for political propaganda.
One can not justify the actions and behavior and it is no longer possible to say “everyone else does it” because it is not morally or politically acceptable any longer.

The U.N. is anti-Israel. The U.N. is anti-Semitic. The U.N. is anti-Zionist.

The U.N. Commission on Human Rights is totally dominated by an alliance of the world’s most corrupt dictatorships, totalitarian regimes and violators of human rights. The U.N. organization should appropriately be renamed the U.N. Commission on Human Wrongs.

In recent years, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights has earned a reputation as an organization dominated by what Human Rights Watch describes as “an abusers club of governments hostile to human rights.” In the words of the late High Commissioner Sergio Viera de Mello, the Commission’s “use for political ends” has created a “very serious credibility problem.”

In no area are the deep problems of the Commission on Human Rights more obvious than in the consistent “special treatment” and vile voting record against the State of Israel. An end to the counterproductive, deplorable, outrageous practice of singling out Israel is an absolute must.

The U.N. is bankrupt and corrupt, economically, morally, politically and is badly in need of reorganization to maintain any credibility whatsoever. There is absolutely no time like the present. It presently serves as the mouthpiece and political propaganda agency of the Arab/Islamist world.

The United States must withdraw its financial support of the United Nations to show it is truly against terrorism. The U.N. needs the same wake-up call that the U.S. faced on 9/11. We must show all supporters of terrorism that it will never ever be tolerated at any time. True democracy, freedom and human rights must prevail internationally. Not under the woefully misguided United Nations.

As a member nation of the U.N. not only is Israel deserving and entitled to civility and respect, it must not be the focus and object of discrimination and ostracization.

We can clearly see a United Nations, in violation of its own charter, one whose entire foundation rests not on the laurels of “Human Rights” but one that exists only on “Human Wrongs.”

All who are committed to upholding the noble aims of the U.N. Charter must speak out against this bias. It is long overdue for U.N. Member states to start applying the principle of equality and fair treatment for ALL countries. Israel included. The time is right now to practice HUMAN RIGHTS rather than HUMAN WRONGS!!!

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