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l May 2004 l

The Kashmir Bachao Andolan Publication

l Vol 4, No 1 l


Saudi Terror: Reap what you sow!

Gary Fitleberg

For a long time Saudi Arabia, allegedly America’s ally, has supported extremist fanatical fundamentalism known as Wahabbism, a brand of Islam that perverts the true teachings of the Holy Koran and converts a religion of peace into a religion of war.

Those members of the Saud royal family are now coming to discover that their support of this religious movement is backfiring big time.

Osama Bin Laden, leader of the terrorist Al Qaeda organization, and fourteen of nineteen hijackers of airplanes used as bombs on September 11th were all Saudi Arabian nationals.

Despite the appearance that their military objective was against America, Israel and Western civilization, the true target is the overthrow of the Saud royal family.

Another massive “suicide” car bomb this time tore through a seven-story police headquarters in the capital Riyadh, Saudi Arabia killing at least four people, wounding 148, and turning the wrath of Islamist terrorists on the Saudi government.

The dead included one 11-year-old Syrian girl, one civil servant and two Saudi security officers.

The strike in a series of “suicide bombings” and shootouts against government targets since last year is the most brazen one yet. Clearly designed to kill scores of Saudis in the heart of their capital on a bustling workday.

“This target, a totally Saudi Arabian location, is a big blow to whatever claims they have that they’re only against the Americans,” said Jamal Kashoggi, a media advisor to Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to London. Kashoggi added , “They must have gone to a really extreme position in their thoughts. It’s an unorthodox approach they’re adopting.”

Saudi Arabian officials blamed the attack on “a shadowy group of terrorists that is targeting the kingdom’s stability” and confirmed that the continuing violence was the work of Islamists affiliated with Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terrorist network.

A U.S. intelligence official in Washington stated that there was “strong suspicion” that the bombing had been carried out by an Al Qaeda cell.

“What has happened here? It used to be the safest country in the world,” was the reaction of Ibrahim Majed, who was standing two feet away and was thrown off his feet by the blast of the explosion. Majed asked, “What do they want now? Do they want us Saudis to leave our homeland?”

The attack and bomb blast stood as a stark reminder to Saudia Arabia and other Arab supporters of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda that the danger of supporting terrorism knows no boundaries. Eventually what goes around comes around.

The proof is that the tenacity and strength of the Islamist Jihad movement in Saudi Arabia is to overthrow the ruling Saud family rather than America. This is the painful truth. One that can no longer be denied or hidden from. The Saudi government has consistently denied its involvement in support of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda in the past. Despite much documentary factual evidence to the contrary. The ultimate goal and objective is to install an even more austere form of Islamic rule.

The depth of the insurgency and revolt became apparent last year in May when a multiple “suicide bombing” attack on three housing compounds in Riyadh, killing 35 people including nine Americans. Another attack by bombers came again in November at a compound home to many foreign Arabs.

The November bombing killed Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan shocking many Saudi citizens in disbelief.

The government blamed Al Qaeda and hit back hard. Security forces waged a relentless crackdown on armed cells this year, arresting hundreds of people , killing militants and forcing fiery clerics to tone down their rhetoric and even as far as to issue public apologies and statements against terrorism.

“Today they targeted their brothers, cousins, and relatives. I’m just trying to understand the miserable thinking of these militants,” said Mohsen Awajy, a lawyer and critic of the Saudi government. The Saudi government has been criticized for its own human rights abuses and urged to implement reforms. Awajy added, “This has nothing to do with reform. Everybody is going to reject this behavior as a matter of life or death for the society.” A lesson to be learned wisely.

“Now these terrorists have run out of excuses, for this is not a place for foreigners,” Abdullah Mutlaq said. “We might have made mistakes in the past and brought up fanatics, but these [attackers] are from the school of old Afghanistan and Al Qaeda – criminal groups.”

Saudi Arabia is responsible for the creation of this criminal group. Now it must face its karma. Wahabbism is the root of all evil and the problem that Saudi Arabia must face and look dead in its own eyes.

Allowing the spread of terrorism, wittingly or unwittingly, by sponsoring hatred, incitement, and violence, in any form, financially, politically, spiritually will only backfire against the supporter in the final analysis.

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